SIMI 社会的インパクト・マネジメント・イニシアチブ



SIMI holds a “Social Impact Day” every year to inform members and the public of the latest trends in social impact measurement and management in Japan and abroad.

Social Impact Day 2021 : A Turning Point for the Impact Economy – Embarking on a new era of social impact –

Date21, 24 and 25 January 2022
Keynote SessionBuilding the Impact Economy – Private sector leading social transformation with technology
SpeakersAudrey Tang, Digital Minister, Taiwan Government
Naoki Ohta, Representative, Board, Code for Japan

Social Impact Day 2020 : 3 days – Act on your Social Impact

Date23, 25 and 26 January 2021
Keynote SessionRethinking the Value of Money : The Future of Social Impact Management
SpeakersJed Emerson, Founder, Blended Value
Miyuki Zeniya, Head of Sustainable Finance, The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited

Social Impact Day 2019 : The Latest Trends and Practices in Social Impact Management

Date2 July 2019
Keynote SpeechTowards Ecosystem Building of Impact Measurement and Management
SpeakerClara Barby, CEO, Impact Management Project

(Japanese only)

Social Impact Day 2018 : Shifting Impact Measurement to Management

Date28 June 2018
Keynote SpeechReflection on Social Impact, Measurement & Management
SpeakerJohn Gargani, President, Gargani + Company

(Japanese only)

Social Impact Day 2017 : Roadmap to Promoting Social Impact Measurement

Date29 June 2017
Keynote SpeechSocial Impact Measurement-Impact Measurement in Australia
SpeakerRuth Lawrence, Associate Director, KPMG Australia

(Japanese only)

Social Impact Day 2016 : Future of Social Impact Measurement

Date14 June 2016
Keynote SpeechSocial Impact Measurement- An Ecosystem Approach to Impact in Impact Investment
SpeakerTris Lumly, Director of Development, NPC & Co-Chair, Social Value International

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