SIMI 社会的インパクト・マネジメント・イニシアチブ

How is SIMI organized?


Governing Council

Mitsuaki Aoyagi Vice-chair of Executive Committee, Social Innovation and Investment Foundation
Atsumi Arima Director, Seibu Railway Co., Ltd., Director, Prince Hotels, Inc.
Yuriko Minamoto Professor, Graduate School of Governance Studies, Meiji University
Takeshi Mizuguchi Professor, Department of Business Management, Faculty of Economics, Takasaki City University of Economics
Tatsuo Ohta Chair, The Japan Association of Charitable Organizations
Ken Shibusawa Founder, Shibusawa and Company, Inc. , Chairman, Commons Asset Management

Internal Auditor

Hidemasa Onizawa Lawyer and Founder, Onizawa Law Office

Board of Directors

Katsuji Imata Co-CEO, Blue Mable Japan, Inc.(President)
Ken Ito Executive Director, Social Value Japan (Executive Director)
Yoshihiro Kamozaki Executive Director, Japan Fundraising Association (Executive Director)
Masaki Kochi CEO, K-three
Asami Takagi Founder, Stem for Leaves

Operating members and Supporting members

Organizations from various sectors join SIMI as operating members or supporting members. Operating members contribute to the promotion of social impact management by practicing and promoting social impact management, utilizing guidelines and tools, and actively sharing the acquired knowledge. As of January 2020 more than 160 member organizations made up SIMI, including both operating or supporting members.