SIMI 社会的インパクト・マネジメント・イニシアチブ

Publication of Social Impact Measurement Initiative Road Map 2017-2020 (Ver.1.0 )

Social Impact Measurement Initiative(SIMI), launched in June 2016, created a “road map” laying out a vision and action steps to realize important elements of social impact measurement practices by 2020.

The road map has the following three features.

(1) It clearly outlines a vision to be achieved by 2020, including specific numerical targets and timelines for the actions necessary to realize the vision.
New projects will be launched into action by individuals and groups interested in different topics on the road map.

(2) It is an evolving road map.
In addition to periodic checks of the state of progress of each project, adjustments and improvements will be made to the required actions as appropriate.

(3)It is a road map developed by a multi-sector initiative.
A diverse range of stakeholders developed the road map. Many of them will continue to be active in its implementation.

Using this road map as a springboard, we will continue to discuss the issues involved with a wide range of people and launch specific actions aimed at achieving the vision. We invite you to join in this challenge to make Japanese society better through the promotion of social impact measurement.

Social Impact Measurement Initiative Road Map 2017-2020

To firmly and extensively establish social impact measurement by 2020 in order to solve social issues.
~12 Goals and 38 Actions~