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[Social Impact Day 2024] “System Change” driven by Impact Economy

As climate change becomes more serious and social issues become more complex and diverse, both the public and private sectors are emphasizing the need for a shift to a “new capitalism”. In order to accelerate its transition, a new social and economic system (impact economy) will be instrumental and essential, in which decision-making is based not on traditional narrow economic measures, but on a more holistic, multidimensional set of measures that encompasses economic, social and environmental values. Actors of this impact economy are not only selected institutions (government, big companies, etc.), but all of us who invest, save, buy goods and services, and voice opinions as a group or as an individual.

Social Impact Day is an opportunity for diverse actors to engage in interactive discussions to address challenging questions such as:
“How can we transform the current unsustainable social and economic system?”
“How can we leave a sustainable and just society for our children and their children?”
“How can we realize a society that guarantees people’s diverse values, ways of life, and dignity?”


<Date & Time>
Day1: 2024/5/15 (Wed) 10:00-18:20 (JST) *Reception will start at 18:40 18:30.
Day2: 2024/5/16 (Thu) 09:30-18:00 (JST)
Day3: 2024/5/17 (Fri) 09:30-13:00 (JST) *2 special sessions at at the Public and private sector co-creation hub (Kanmin Kyoso HUB)

Day1: International Conference Hall, Sasakawa Peace Foundation Bldg. 11F / also online
Day2: Online (Zoom Webinar)
Day3: Online (Zoom Webinar)
*Reception will be held on the 10th floor of SPF Bldg, where you can meet sponsors and organizers/co-hosting organizations. Light meals and beverages will be served. This is a great opportunity to share your comments on sessions, share your concerns about daily issues, and network with each other.
*For Zoom Webinar, we will send you the detail by e-mail later.

• General Admission with unlimited access and recording to all sessions
Early registration fee : ¥6,000 ¥7,000 (until 4/30)
Regular registration fee : ¥10,000 (from 5/1)
Register Engaged Member with ticket : ¥12,000
• Free Admission: Access to complimentary sessions only


View the full list of sessions (PDF)

Each session will be conducted in Japanese. Only for sessions marked ‘Simultaneous interpretation available’, simultaneous Japanese-English interpretation will be provided.

Day1: 2024.05.15 [Wed]

TimeSession Title
(20 min)
Opening Talk
*Simultaneous interpretation available
(50 min)
Keynote Speech 1
Impact Accounting at the time of Regulatory Challenges
*Simultaneous interpretation available
(70 min)
Special Session 1
“Capitalism of Mutual Support”: A Form of New Capitalism Realized by Collective Impact
*Simultaneous interpretation available
Lunch Break
(60 min)
Keynote Speech 2
Child-lens Investing: An innovative framework to put well-being of future generations
first and create the conditions for healthier and more inclusive societies
Keynote Speech 3
Benchmarking Impact Management in Impact Investing: A Discussion of BlueMark’s 2024 Report
*Simultaneous interpretation available
(60 min)
Special Session 2
What is ” System Change Investment” that Addresses Fundamental Social Issues?
*Simultaneous interpretation available
(50 min)
Sponsored Session 1
The Role of Finance in the Impact Economy
*Simultaneous interpretation available
(60 min)
Sponsored Session 2
Focusing on Indian impact Companies: Achieving a Positive Cycle of Impact Generation
and Revenue Growth
*Simultaneous interpretation available
(80 min)

Day2: 2024.05.16 [Thu]

TimeSession Title
(50 min)
Special Session 3
Managing for Purpose and Social Impact: New Possibilities for Sustainable Business
(70 min)
Special Session 4
Beyond Impact Investment:Toward the Next Stage of Achieving Impact Economy
– GSG Japan NAB’s 10th anniversary and the next 10 years
(50 min)
Session 1
Impact Companies Going Public: How to Expand Impact and Achieve Business Growth
Session 2
Catalytic Roles of Philanthropy and Investing Toward Impacts in Aging Asia
*Simultaneous interpretation available
Lunch Break
(70 min)
Sponsored Session 3
Short Pitch Session: Initiatives for Creating Impact
(50 min)
Session 3
Triggers of Social Impact: Catalytic Capital in Japan
(50 min)
Sponsored Session 4
Impact “K” Project Roundtable: Sharing insights from industry-leading impact
investors on how to launch an effective impact fund
(50 min)
Session 4
What is the Current Status of Impact Economy in Japan – A View from a Data Analysis
Session 5
Sustainable Development Performance Indicators (SDPI) by UNRISD
(The United Nations Research Institute for Social Development)
*Simultaneous interpretation available
(60 min)
Session 6
Let’s Talk about the Future of Impact Finance with the Next Generation:
Impact Investing and New Directions

Day3: 2024.05.17 [Fri]

TimeSession Title
(50 min)
Session 7
New Entrepreneurs for the Impact Economy
Session 8
The Leading Edge of Impact-Oriented Initiatives by Foundations
(50 min)
Session 9
What We have Learned from “IMPACT SHIFT”: Let’s Talk about the Future of Impact with 4 Gen Z
(50 min)
Session 10
“B” THIS WAY FORWARD: The Latest of the B Corp Movement in Japan
(30 min)
Closing Talk
[ Special Sessions ] *There is NO online streaming/archive video available.
(90 min)
Special Session by UNICEF
What Exactly is Investing with a “Child-lens”?: Introduction of the UNICEF Framework
and Invitation to Japanese Stakeholders
(120 min)
Special Session by BlueMark
Introduction to BlueMark and Impact Verification


[Co-organized by/Contact information]
Social Impact Management Initiative (SIMI) /
Japan Social Innovation and Investment Foundation (SIIF) /

[Co-hosted by]
Sasakawa Peace Foundation (Day1)
AVPN (Session) 
Japan Impact-driven Financing Initiative (Session)

Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.
The Norinchukin Bank
Nissay Asset Management Corporation
Impact Circle, Inc.

Public and private sector co-creation hub

Cabinet Office
Financial Services Agency
The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
UNDP Tokyo
Japan Association of New Public
Impact Startup Association
Japan Foundation
KEIZAI DOYUKAI<Japan Association of Corporate Executives>