SIMI 社会的インパクト・マネジメント・イニシアチブ

Introduced on the Asian Impact Management Review: “Social Impact Assessment Of Noto Ryugaku”

A Japanese corporation “Misogi-gawa Corporation” was introduced on the Asian Impact Management Review as a case study of the Social Impact Assessment.

Misogi-gawa Corporation is a private community development company based in Nanao City Noto Peninsul ain Ishikawa Prefecture. It was established in 1999 and it operates Noto Style, an e-commerce store selling Noto’s specialty products online, and carries out human resource development projects.

Nami Moriyama, Misogi-gawa Corp. CEO, was one of the guest speakers at the Social Impact Day 2021, one of the biggest conferences about Social Impact Management in Japan, where she discussed how a corporation can make social impacts, using her own attempts in Noto.

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