Social Impact Day 2020


Session 6: “International Trends in Indicator Metrics and Databases – Working Towards the Japanese Version of IRIS+” (Summary)

The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), U.S.

・Mr. Ken Ito, Executive Director, Social Impact Management Initiative / Executive Director, Social Value Japan

Session six focused on Trends in Indicator Metrics and Databases. The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) is a leading organization, envisioning global finance in which impact investing is mainstreamed with robust practice. In 2019, GIIN launched a new system of impact management, IRIS+, that builds on IRIS by providing a common set of indicators. IRIS+, which incorporates IMP’s five dimensions of impact, is designed to furnish impact investors with a common set of frameworks and indicators to make social impact measurement comparable.

Previously introduced as a catalog of social impact indicators, IRIS+ now not only provides indicators, but also guidance on IMM (impact measurement and management) approaches. Moreover, with IRIS+, GIIN is working to expand the social impact domain. Since IRIS+ is linked to academic resources, it is also providing an evidence-based rationale for setting indicators.

One of the challenges in introducing IRIS+ in Japan is that different countries have different values and country contexts. For example, the current IRIS+ impact categories do not sufficiently cover overarching goals such as happiness and well-being. It was raised in the discussion that we must work actively to develop indicators that are appropriate for Japan and other developed economies.